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Harimau Berantai USA is the American based branch of Harimau Berantai International. Operating in full confidence under the guidance of Prof Jak Othman as the grandmaster of the system and organized by Guru Hakim Isler (his American based student). The organization is dedicated to the spread of authentic Silat from the source, offering American martial art practitioners one of the most comprehensive and richest means of Silat study available. Harimau Berantai Silat, also called Silat Harimau Berantai, both meaning Chained Tiger Silat is a standalone martial arts system, and both are used interchangeably to refer to the Chained Tiger Silat martial arts style. Harimau Berantai USA provides high-quality martial arts instruction, including instructional videos on the Silat Harimau Berantai martial arts style under the direct tutelage of Prof Jak Othman. This is  Prof Jak’s family system (find out more in bio) that has been handed down for generations and was inherited by Prof Jak in its original battlefield form. The system provides an array of unique weapons, combat sciences for those weapons and engagement strategies for versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness. With over 50 years of study in various types of Silat, being a teacher of martial arts studies at a Malaysian University, his years of teaching Silat around the world and his involvement in the creation of Silat Documentaries, Prof Jak offers a unique, in-depth and honest approach to Silat transmission that provides students the highest standard of study and practice. Through Harimau Berantai USA, Prof's mission is to pour the authentic knowledge and tradition of the Malay Warrior’s combat into the hearts and minds of American based warriors and martial arts enthusiast looking to add a new level to their training, or looking for a great starting point to grow in a martial arts culture rich in history, knowledge and combat effectiveness.

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