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Requirement 1

You must have a registered/published martial arts school. You can use your school name, however you must declare to be a Harimau Berantai outlet. For example Harimau Berantai Fayetteville in Elevo Dynamics.

Requirement 2

You must be at least 35 miles away from the next Harimau Berantai schools/Reps ( registered to the schools) or in another state.

Requirement 3

You are welcome to teach other martial arts and silat styles in your school. We are not into politics, but do not mix Harimau Berantai and any martial arts taught by Prof Jak Othman with your style or new system created by you. If you do have this intention, you should not be our Rep.

Requirement 4

Prof Jak Othman selects the reps himself, but only approved by the panels of Harimau Berantai Silat International. The panel has the final say to this not the professor. A rep can propose/sponsor other martial arts school owners  to be reps as well.

Requirement 5

You are the protector of the IP of Silat Harimau Berantai, including the merchandise of the organization.

Requirement 6

No outside equipments allowed in Silat Harimau Berantai classes. Only approved weapon trainers HQ allowed in the Silat Harimau Berantai class. 

Requirement 7

You can produce any merchandise related to Silat Harimau Berantai, but must be officially approved by Harimau Berantai Silat International. For example, you do not need permission if you are producing a gun model named after you or your school. However, you do need permission from HQ if you are producing for a kerambit model. Anything to do with Silat you will need approval from HQ. Write to Harimau Berantai Silat International at for permission & approval. We are getting as many  Silat weapons as possible patented.

Requirement 8

We are not appointing any country head rep. However, senior reps have the privilege to teach the junior Reps. Only officially certified reps may teach the syllabus to the junior Reps. All Reps are under supervision and control by Harimau Berantai Silat International. 

Requirement 9

All Reps must host Prof Jak (Harimau Berantai Silat International Instructor if the Prof is not available) at least once a year. If not the rep must support the seminar and compact course offered by the nearest rep. Please bring as many Harimau Berantai students to support seminars as possible. Show your loyalty to the lineage. A non-active rep will no longer be a rep and will be removed from the instructors list. However, he is still welcome to train as clan member.   

Requirement 10

You can form Harimau Berantai group/association of your country with the support of your fellow Harimau Berantai. E.g. Harimau Berantai USA, or Harimau Berantai Italia. However, you must affiliate to the governing Harimau Berantai Silat International. The association is to govern Harimau Berantai in your country according to the conduct, cultural rules and ethics of true Harimau Berantai way.   

Requirement 11

Behave! Be the lightning. Be humble, Ladies and Gentle men.

Please refer to HQ via if you have any questions. Thank you

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